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How to Prepare for Freshman Year of College

The summer before your child's freshman year of college can be an exciting one. They're probably looking forward to starting school, but there are a few things they may still need to take care of. To help them get it all done, use these tips.



Tips to Keep Your Child Interested in Their Classes

Towards the end of the school year, it can be harder for students to stay engaged in class. When they're working from home, it can be that much more difficult. To keep your child engaged and learning, use these simple tips.

Change up the...


How to Keep Your Child Safe Online

The internet is full of information and plenty of fun things, but there are parents who are concerned about what else their children might encounter while online. To keep your child safe on the internet, use these tips.

Set Parental Controls

If your child is...

Make Studying from Home Easier for Your Child

If your child has been working from home, you may have noticed that this isn't as easy as it seems. Adapting to this new way of working can take time and work. To make this easier for your child, use these tips.

Create a Plan

If your child's day...

Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Concentrate

There are plenty of reasons why your child may have a hard time staying focused in class. They may not stop to think about what it is that's at the root of the issue, so it may be up to you to help them. Below are some useful ways to attack different...

Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Bed on Time

Bedtime can turn into something tricky for parents and students. You know how important it is for your child to go to bed on time, but they may resist. To ensure they get plenty of sleep, use these tips.

Make the Conditions Right

Some students have a...

How to Prevent Procrastination

Most students don't look forward to doing homework or studying after school. Because of this and a few other factors, students tend to fall into the habit of procrastination. If this sounds like your student, use these tips to get them back on track.

Get Organized


Tips to Improve Your Child's Social Skills

Interacting with others is an important skill students should master. It won't be easy for all students, especially since some of them may be shy or introverted. To help your child develop better social skills and form better connections with their...

The Benefits of Staying Involved in Your Child's Education

When you take a more active role in your child's education, this can lead to plenty of benefits for both you and your child. Instead of giving up on being involved, check out a few of the benefits your child will reap from your...

How to Prepare for Your First Parent-Teacher Conference

As a parent, getting ready for your first parent-teacher conference can be daunting. You may not know what the teacher has in store for you, but that shouldn't be your primary concern at this point. Instead, focus on preparing your own...


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