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Understand the Testing Rules

Online tests have become much more used in the last few years in many levels of education, so it’s helpful to know how to take them. The first part of being better at taking online tests is to understand the rules surrounding them. Usually, instructors and teachers...

Take Your SAT More Than Once

One of the first things you should have before preparing for the SAT is your exam date. This is important because it will give you a timeframe in which you can plan out your study sessions to ensure you don’t forget anything and that you’re prepared for when the date...

Paying Attention in Class and Taking Notes

Reducing test anxiety can start way before test day. One technique that many people find helpful is paying attention in class and taking notes of the most important parts of the lecture. Once the exam day is closer, studying from those notes can prove...

Stress Management Through Music

Listening to music while studying has many benefits, one of them is to help you manage stress. Soothing music can positively affect your body, allowing it to relax your muscles and making you feel calm. Managing stress can be beneficial when studying, particularly...

Why Your Child Needs to Rest Every Night

Parents may hear that their child will benefit from getting the right amount of sleep every night, but why is it so important? To learn all about the importance of sleep for students, keep reading.

The Effects of Sleep on Academics

When your child is...

Detect Academic Burnout

Students seem to have a lot more on their plate nowadays. Because of this, academic burnout is quite common among high school students. The pressure to stand out and get into a good university can lead them to take on too much. If you're concerned about your child's...

What Your Child Can Get out of Reading

Reading may seem like an educational activity that is just fun and enjoyable, but there's so much more to it than that. Becoming an avid reader can help students in many ways throughout their academic careers and life.

Learn New Words

This may be one of the...

Habits That Will Help Your Child in School

Students will often struggle in school simply because they have some bad habits they need to shake. Below are some good habits they can work on developing to get back on the right track.

Use a Schedule

If your child doesn't already use a day planner,...

Get Your Child Excited to Write

Writing may not be your child's favorite thing to do, but this doesn't mean they shouldn't practice their writing skills. To get them more excited to write and develop their skills, use these tips.

Get Their Imagination Going With an Image

Writing practice doesn't...

Help Your Child Tackle Their Exams Without Getting Stressed

If your child is getting overwhelmed, just thinking about the exams they have coming up, they may need help preparing. Use these tips to help them get ready while cutting out the stress.

Follow a Study Guide

Random studying won't be the...


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