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Paying Attention in Class and Taking Notes

Reducing test anxiety can start way before test day. One technique that many people find helpful is paying attention in class and taking notes of the most important parts of the lecture. Once the exam day is closer, studying from those notes can prove much more helpful than cramming the night before the exam. A suggestion for better note-taking is to focus on writing down key parts of the lesson; think of it this way, if you write everything down, you won’t know what’s important once you need to study.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can also be a great way to reduce test anxiety. Experts have even proven that people who practice mindful breathing before an exam get higher grades. Being able to control your breathing can help you manage your heart rate, which can help with anxiety in many cases. Try practicing them while you study; that way, you’ll know you can rely on them once test day comes.

Preparation for Your Exam Day

The night before your exam is scheduled, try to sleep early, as having a good night’s sleep will help you be more focused when taking the test. Practice your breathing exercises in bed while trying to relax. In the morning, try to have a well-balanced breakfast with some protein, fruit, and cereals to make sure you have enough fuel when taking the exam. Finally, if you can squeeze it in, try doing some exercise before starting the exam to release some anxious energy.

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