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Detect Academic Burnout

Students seem to have a lot more on their plate nowadays. Because of this, academic burnout is quite common among high school students. The pressure to stand out and get into a good university can lead them to take on too much. If you're concerned about your child's workload, look out for these signs of burnout.

Constantly Feeling Tired

It makes sense that your child will be feeling tired if they have tons of extracurricular activities and stay up late doing homework every night. Over time, this tiredness can lead to burnout, and the stress can turn into anxiety. Your child may not be able to fall asleep because they're so stressed and overwhelmed. They won't only be feeling tired from one night of staying up late. Their exhaustion will be mental, emotional, and physical as they feel like they can't catch a break.

Getting Sick More Often

Insomnia and other unhealthy habits your child may develop due to burnout can lead to health issues. Your child may get sick more often, and they may start to get recurring headaches and stomachaches. Since they're feeling stressed, they'll likely be tense as well, leading to sore muscles and body aches. Inability to Relax Your child's mind won't be able to stop thinking about all that they have to get done and their grades. This level of stress will hinder their ability to focus on anything, making them feel even worse. Your child may start to lose motivation and decide to give up on their assignments. If you've detected these signs of burnout in your child, it's time to step in and help. Talk to your child about the pressure they feel and look for solutions to their concerns.

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