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Get Your Child Excited to Write

Writing may not be your child's favorite thing to do, but this doesn't mean they shouldn't practice their writing skills. To get them more excited to write and develop their skills, use these tips.

Get Their Imagination Going With an Image

Writing practice doesn't have to be boring and out of a textbook. Encourage your child to practice creative writing even if they have no idea what to write about. Give them some inspiration by presenting them with a random image and have them write a story that incorporates it.

Have Them Practice Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing will be something your child will learn about in school and will be essential. To make this more interesting, have them practice this sort of writing at home. For example, the next time your child wants a new gadget or shoes, have them convince you through an essay.

Have Them Free Write

It's also important to encourage freewriting so that your child has a space in which to practice writing without judgment. They can write about anything in any format without the fear of sharing their work. They can also relax more since this won't be graded or corrected, giving them more freedom.

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